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Custom Spell Vial


I use herbs, crystals, and ash/Black Salt to create customized copper-electrformed spell vials for your magical empowerment.

Some of the vials I make often include:

Love Thyself -- to bring in self love and compassion
Amore -- to call in your ideal romantic partner
The Sandman -- to enhance intuition for lucid dreaming
Protection -- black salt vial to block negative energy
Fae Dreamin' -- to connect with the Fae
Success -- for luck in important projects/endeavors
Balance -- to aid in balancing your energy and keep your aura protected

You can choose the desired vial shape (pending current inventory) and request either a listed or custom spell vial.

If custom or currently unavailable vial is requested, please allow for up to 1 week for shipment.

All pendants are copper-electroformed, treated to minimize oxidizing, and attached to copper chain with a lobster clasp.

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