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Angelic Reiki Healing Session

$28.00 - $44.00
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Angelic energy consists of the highest frequency vibrations of healing love and light, and is an incredibly potent healing energy for anyone open to asking for assistance from the angels.

Angels have powerfully loving energy linked to assisting humanity and creating more space for love within each of us, which also helps with connecting to your Higher Self, Spirit guides, and Spirit/Source/God/Universe (or the name you prefer, if you connect with any higher power).

Experience Angelic energy healing for your highest and best good, whether you have a specific intention or situation you request help with, or you prefer a general healing session.

This can occur as a distance healing (over the phone) or in-person (on-site at my office in Austin), and generally consists of 45-60 minutes, including consultation before and after the energy work occurs.

If you prefer a distance healing, you will just need a comfortable space to sit or lay comfortably and be undisturbed for at least an hour. You may also find it beneficial to play soothing music (I can send via your preferred app) and we can connect via phone call, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger call/video chat, or Instagram call/video. Distance healing sessions are $35/hr and I will contact you to schedule within 24 hours of purchase.

In-person sessions are $50/hr and available on-site in north Austin (no house calls), and I will connect with you to schedule your healing within 24 hours of purchase.